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Top Stock Picker - #1 Mutual Fund Strategy for 5, 10 & 15 Years

Jim's mutual fund strategy has been shown to be the best risk adjusted strategy over the last 15 years. He has been recognized as a Top Stock Picker in a worldwide virtual competition.
This website is about spirituality and success. I have helped many thousands of people have better, more prosperous lives and I’d like to help you. I have two main goals to achieve with this site: Goal #1 – Spiritual Education, as opposed to religion. There is no dogma. I tried to scientifically study spirituality to prove the existence of a non-physical loving presence that I call God. I think I have succeeded in proving the existence of that presence and I believe if you study the material and practice it, you will reap benefits beyond your wildest dreams. Goal #2 - Financial Education. This comes down to career, saving and investing. All of the videos I’ve created are free. Email me with questions/comments.